Monday, February 15, 2010

Why did I name my blog second place marriage? I guess you could say it is my mantra these days. After 21 years of trial and error I think I have finally learned the order of life and marriage that makes things click. If you want a first rate marriage, it has to be second place. Why second place you ask? God has to have first place before any other part of your life can work properly. Oh life and marriage can work without God in first place but work is all it does. When God is in first place, life and marriage thrive.
Chad and I have been through many trials in 21 years. If you stay tuned you will learn all about them. It was not until we both decided to put God first and our spouse second that we started to enjoy the institution we are in. It took much worse, poorer, and sickness to bring us to the point of surrender. It is our goal in life now to help others learn to love, honor, and cherish each other more. When we asked him to, God came in and changed our hearts and our marriage. He did it for us and he can do it for you!

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