Tuesday, February 16, 2010

In the beginning...

My journey started just six weeks shy of my 17th birthday. On October 22, 1988, Chad and I got married. Chad and I were young and in love. We were teenagers. I look back and I know we loved each other but I just can’t even imagine that we really knew what we were getting into. Of course love was easy back then. When you are young you can live on love, right? In the beginning you don’t really have to choose to love, it comes naturally.
Do you remember being young and in love? That was when love was blind…and deaf…and just perfect. Ah yes, those were the days (sigh). Do you remember talking on the phone for hours and still having plenty to talk about? Do you remember counting the hours until you could see each other again? Do you remember feeling all tingly inside when you held hands or kissed? Do you remember wanting to make the other person happy? So what happened? Where did those feelings go? Why did they change? Did we grow up? Did we grow apart?

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